I have monsters under my bed and I sleep on a bed that lacks a bedframe.
I have a monster big German Shorthair named Frankenstein and a demonic unsleeping Sheltie named Dallas. And a Mandrew. :3
I pretty much only think about dogs and my manfriend.

25th November 2012

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I need more Airplane gifs in my life.

25th November 2012

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Abstract [BODY] works: ok another tip for making fursonas →


look at your heritage! look what parts of your world your family is from and going through their native fauna or domestic breeds of dogs/cats/livestock,etc originated there. it could help narrow it down.

for example, i used to have an virginia opossum fursona. i am lower middle class white…

Fantastic advice for creating a sona!!

I’ve been curious to find a match of my parents ancestry in canines. Haven’t drawn it yet. 

But rough collie is a little common, but my dad had tons when he was young and they were the farm dogs. I grew up on the same farm. I own a similar breed of dog too, so in a round about way it fits.

I want to make a really representing character though. Probably a Polish Lowland Sheepdog.

Although, both John Gietzen and Chester Olejnik were army men. My grandpa Gietzen was full-german with an English/Irish wife. His ancestors came on the Mayflower, so he’s American through and through. Based on that ethnicity, on my mom’s side I could be represented with a German Shepherd. An officially accepted war dog breed for WWII.

On my dad’s side, everyone is 100% polish (at least until my dad and his siblings started to have kids.) My grandpa moved with his parents to America from Poland when he was four. Though were almost purely plant farmers, having only a few cows, horses and other generic farm animals. Not exactly a sheep farm. PONs though have their own ancestry through Pulis and other Scottish breeds. Olejnik farms owned GSDs and Rough Collies. There were a few that mixed.

My fursona, Odille originally was a wolf. Heh. Eventually I made her a Rough/GSD/Husky mix after my old dog Buck. Buck was exactly that, predominately collie. His skull was close of a collies. My dad loved Buck because he looked exactly like one of his favorite childhood dogs Shad, who was a Rough/GSD mix. 

When Buck died, I shifted Odille into full rough collie. I guess personality wise, it’s an okay match. They’re shy and standoffish unless socialized. Dallas is the same way (I know; Sheltie =/= Rough Collie. I have found that both of those types of herding breeds act very similar in that respect.) 

I guess as far as domestic dogs go, I’m pretty accurate to myself. Most accurate would be Buck’s mix. Cool story.

And my unicorn sona is a draft horse. Yeah farms.  

25th November 2012

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I just went back to the very last page of my likes to find this post.

He said Dunkaroos.

Source: 9GAG

25th November 2012

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You may hate Twilight, but everyone loves Charlie Swan.

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23rd November 2012


Dallas you scared me. 

Sorry. We won’t leave you for two whole days ever again. Gosh dog.

Okay. I’m glad you’re feeling better, but what did your bed do to you? I understand you have energy again…but attacking your bed makes no sense.

Go eat weirdo. 


20th November 2012

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So you couldn’t make this cuter if you tried
via sheltiesina


So you couldn’t make this cuter if you tried

via sheltiesina

20th November 2012

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30 Day NaNoWriMo Meme

yay procrastinate!

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18th November 2012

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I have same face syndrome. These are the only faces I make. 

Left is when I’m bored or thinking while multi-tasking.
Middle is a smile I use when someone says something nice to me. Particularly a compliment, especially from my mom. I promptly negate said compliment with this face.  
Right is my default photo face. Making this face feels far more natural than trying to contort my face to an typical smile. 

yup. And looking at these, I do not seem to wear my own clothes. Just Andrew’s. 

18th November 2012

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i always think “if people want to talk to me they will” which is my reasoning for never really starting conversations so i’m permanently thinking no one wants to talk but what if they sat there thinking the same and it’s just this cycle of silence that never gets broken because i’m too stubborn to just put myself out there 

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18th November 2012

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